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Munich Mommies and Munchkins is more than your average playgroup it's a melting pot of fun for Babies, Toddlers and parents. The programme runs through English attracting families from various international backgrounds and cultures to socialize, play and learn.

Benefits to Parents:

  • Mums and Dads interact with their “Munchkins” out of the home in a social environment.


  • Mums and Dads see first hand their “Munchkins” early developmental social gross and fine motor skills.


  • Mums and Dads meet other international families and so can share experiences of having young kids as well as living in Munich.


  • Our notice board is constantly updated with info on places of interest to go as well as family events in and around Munich.

  • We have a complimentary Tea/Coffee zone to help parents to unwind


  • We hold regular Mums/Dad Nights Out

Benefits to Children


  • "Munchkins" enjoy free playtime in our toy area allowing them time to settle into the environment and interact with their peers


  • Space for your child to move around and explore in a safe environment.

  • A reading/puzzle area for the "Munchkins" to enjoy some "down" time.


  • We aim to stimulate the children mentally, physically and emotionally creating Magic moments for parent and child to share.


  • Our themed activities change every session and never repeat in their entirety 


I, Susan Bacle originally from Ireland mum of 2 boys with a background in product design and teaching art moved to Munich in 2015 from France and regularly attended Munich Mommies and Munchkins with my youngest son. Attending the group enriched our experience in Munich. My Munchkin loved playing with others his age and learnt loads and we both made wonderful friends through the group. Munich Mommies and Munchkins gave an important structure and purpose to our week as i struggled with my new found "stay at home mum status". Our family only ever intended to stay in Munich for 1 year but our circumstances changed at the same time as the previous owner of Munich Mommies and Munchkins Zoe was ready to move on to a new project so I took a leap of faith and decided to become a "Mompreneur" and  run the group myself.  Since September 2016 I have made several changes such as all new toys and activity program as well as introducing Baby Munchkins. So far it has been the best decision I could ever have made as an expat Mum in a city where i don't speak the language (perhaps some day...). Running Munich Mommies and Munchkins is hard work but also very enjoyable what I love most is the reaction of the Babies and Toddlers to our varied activities and also getting to know parents from all over the world. I’m very proud of the strong social environment we have at Munich Mommies and Munchkins it’s a place to come to with your child but often ends up being a bit of a life line for the expat parent (BTW we have regular Mums nights out as well as Dad’s nights out). Should you wish to try out Munich Mommies and Munchkins please email for a spot in our Baby Munchkins group or just turn up to Toddler Munchkins:) oh and don't forget to check out and follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/munichmommiesandmunchkins/

Group Leader and Activity Co-ordinator Susan Bacle
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