House Rules:

  • No shoes, food or drinks on the mats.  The mats are the property of the karate club.  Please help keep them clean, so that they will allow us to continue using the room.

  • No bobby cars /pushcarts on the mats. 

  • No diapers in the garbage, please.  The garbage is removed only once a week.  Diapers can really leave an awful odor after a few days.  Please take your diapers with you and dispose of elsewhere.  Thanks!

  • Community Approach…  During the session, please help look out for other children near you to prevent falls or children hurting each other.  If you see a child hurting another child, please step in and ask the child to stop. 

  • Hitting, biting, scratching, etc. is not allowed.  FYI an adult hitting a child is Illegal in Germany                                                 

  • In case of stomach viruses (indicated by vomiting or diarrhea), please refrain from coming to group for a minimum of 48 hours from the last episode of vomiting or diarrhea. 



  • We love to celebrate cultural events 

  • We host Mums night outs roughly every 2 months or so

  • Birthdays – When it is your child’s birthday, please remind us!  We would like to sing “Happy Birthday” in honor of your child’s birthday.

  • Graduation- When its time for your child to “move on” from Munchkins please let us know so that we may present them with a graduation certificate

  • As we very much rely on word of mouth please don't hesitate to tell friends and newcomers to Munich about our group.

  • Don’t hesitate to join our Facebook page

Closing Dates
1st November 2018
27th December 2018
3rd January 2019
2019  to be added...





" I went for the children to play in a great and rare space, realised they learn so much through the amazingly well conceived and flawlessly executed activities and then I stayed for the coffee and the grown up uninterrupted conversation (made possible by the fact the children were so engaged with the toys and new friends, I found a little corner of precious me time!)

Munchkins is more than just a playgroup, it's a warm family of friends, a great place for parents and children, but most importantly . . . it's FUN :D"

Jemma Batters, British


"For little ones, moms and dads! I can only recommend! So much fun, so much learning and running around:) Excellent conversations, great network and source of information!"

Lydia Hodgins, Turkish


"I struggled to make friends until I started going to MM&M. The moms are open and accepting and people with whom I've formed lasting friendships. My daughters (1 and 3 years old) LOVE going to the playgroup and each of them gets something out of the activities which are designed appropriately to reach all ages in some form or another. Susan is a wonderful and patient leader, cares very much about the children and carefully plans each session. I highly recommend this group to anyone seeking to provide a fun atmosphere for their kids while enjoying adult conversation with other brilliant mommies!"

Mariah Bollhardt, American


"This was a great place to make new friends and find playmates for my son. It was a very relaxed atmosphere with a lot of friendly and helpful people.I am back in the states and already miss it. Susan is amazing at entertaining the children and wish her the very best..."

Nirali Amin, American


"Munich Munchkins made our time in Munich a lot more fun. It was a
great place for my 3 year old to play with toys, run around and make
friends. I too made wonderful connections with other moms."

SanSan Lee, American


"Munchkins is a great place to meet English speaking people and have your own little munchkin immersed with the language. My little boy always says now "group" because he wants to know when we will go again. He learns so much with singing time and it is great for his concentration. It is cool to see him interact with the other kids. Susan is awesome with the kids and makes greats activities. The toys are always in good shape. It is really fun and worth the time and effort."

Heiko Landgraf , German


"Munich Mommies & Munchkins has exceeded my expectations for a playgroup for my son. The activities are fun and stimulating, my son seems to really enjoy them! Susan is absolutely fantastic as a leader, she is so kind and patient with the children. The free play is a great time for my son to play and socialize, while I get to converse with other parents.  My son and I have made great friends and we both look forward to days we go to MM&M! So happy I found this playgroup upon moving to Munich! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great place to socialize and have fun with their children!"

Kristen Brady-Matsumoto, American

I am new to Munich and I was totally unaware of the place and worried about my Little one.After finding this place I am completely stress-free and my kid loves this place.She made new friends.Lots of space to run around,all sorts of toys to play with.Rhymes and activity part is my favorite where it helps kids to interact and develop their skill.Mommies feel so comfortable at the place.I especially made nice friends.Highly recommended.

Madhunika Ramesh, Indian

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